About Me

My name is Jonathan (or JKB).

I’m half English, half Danish. Born and raised in London.

In January 2015 I left home on my bicycle to see how far east I could cycle. What started as a little adventure to try something new escalated into a 3 year ride around the world. By the time I arrived home in December 2017 I had pedalled through 42 countries and clocked around 50,000km.

During my time ‘on the road’ I maintained this blog and updated it with stories and pictures as I travelled. It was a please to be able to share these journals with so many of you and I hope that the archive continues to be a useful resource for those planning their own two-wheeled expeditions.

For now, I am back in London trying out some ‘normal life’. I still try to squeeze in some longer rides when I can and if they are interesting enough I’ll write about them in here..


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great meeting you today Jonathan helping you climb a fence in Moraga CA to keep you heading west. Try and catch Yosemite if you can. Descent into valley is a ride for the ages. Look forward to following your progress. Kirk


  2. Jonathan. Great to meet you and Lea today on the KATY trail. You will remember I was with my two grandsons. Reading your goal and direction is incredible. Go for it. If you are in the St. Louis area, don’t miss Cahokia Mounds. Amazing place and great history. Travel safe. Dan Esarey.


  3. Great to meet you just before you finished and it was a pleasure to have you stay your final night ‘on the road’ with us. Best wishes for the next incredible leg of your life journey and keep in touch. Martin


  4. An awesome adventure. Well done I’m very envious. Tell me, did you use your British passport to enter Iran or perhaps you had a Dutch one? I’m told there are some possible obstacles to using a UK one.


    1. Thanks mate.
      Used my Danish one I’m afraid! Unless things have changed since I was in Iran it is impossible to enter on a British passport and move around freely…


  5. Hi Jonathan, great story about the Highland 550. Good to read a ¨real life¨ one instead of a race athelete´s story which is making me look the other way :)…… I´m up to the Highlands end of april and take 14 days to do it. If I´m faster than the 14 days (doubt it, I like to read as well 😉 I will ride somewhere else in Scotland before going back to The Continent. Cheers, Ed (Netherlands)


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