Please do get in contact for whatever reason – I like hearing from people.

If you’re planning a similar trip and you want to ask anything then I’d be more than happy to share the little I know.

Shoot me a message via my facebook page or leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.


16 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Dude for sure im not the first to tell you this but youre an inspiration!
    I am planning to do sth similar, aiming Mongolia, and everyone around holds you back with all the “its dangerous”, “you gotta be really prepared physically to start it” and so on…
    Keep pedalling mate!


  2. Hi JKB. I loved reading about Hong Kong – we were there about 12 years ago for a week and it brought back lots of lovely memories. We are going back for a week for New Year 2017 – and I’m looking forward to it even more now. Actually I love reading all your blogs – you write really well – and its a real treat when they ping in. So it was good news for all of us that you got back! Happy peddling and happy writing. Love Amanda


    1. Hey Amanda- glad to hear the blog is being enjoyed!
      It’s always nice to read about somewhere you can relate to, I know the feeling.
      No doubt it will be a very different place than when you last visited!
      But I really live that country… you’ll have a blast!


  3. Hi, best idea I have seen in a long time and I hope you’re enjoying it. I have often thought about doing something like this myself and I am curious about how much it has cost you so far for the time you have gone and if you are earning any money on the way?


    1. Hey Thomas! Has cost me about £4k so far in all. I’ve not been earning any more on the way (not really worth it in the places I’ve past) but I’m thinking about stopping to work in OZ if I want to continue cycling…


  4. Hey jonathan a friend redirected me to your site since i have been telling everyone i want to travel and on the day i decided im planning on traveling to australia too when i saved anough money… then i discovered your blog, how convenient i’ve always dreamt of traveling and ive read all your stories in a day lol well some text i skimmed but i get the picture. altough im taking a slightly different route one that will take me to mongolia first then into china. my trip will happen in a year or 2 hopefully next year tough…anyways enough rambling good luck in australia. i think the couchsurfing community is also great there huh.


    1. Hey mate – sorry for the slow reply.
      Thanks so much for getting touch, glad to hear the blog is of interest and hopefully useful too in your planning!
      Mongolia would be a beautiful place to travel…


  5. Hey JKB, Been following your blog since we did the Pamir Highway last year, and really enjoying it. Are you coming through NZ? If so, come and stay…we are Warmshower hosts in New Plymouth…its a bit out on a limb but Taranaki the province we live in was Lonely Planets second global destination choice for 2017, so must have something going for it!
    Cheers Rhys


  6. Hey Rhys…
    Glad you are enjoying the blog!
    I am heading to NZ in a month, although not quite sure where I’ll be cycling at the moment .
    Was actually thinking of staying on the south island but if I end up north as well I promise I will hit you up 🙂


  7. Hello there, I’m planning to do a cycle from NZ to London… I have been searching high and low for information on the best time to cross the Stans as I think that is the highest point and can only be crossed in summer?

    In addition, between NZ and London, would you be able to give me a brief overview of your country, distance to cross, time it took and month you did it? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks, Georgi


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