This is what my cycle around the world looked like:

30,000 miles/50,000km

If you want to stalk my riding stats further, check out my Strava profile. All my daily rides are logged there apart from one chunk of a few hundred km somewhere in SE Asia.


6 thoughts on “Route

  1. Hey JKB!
    Your trip is awesome.
    I saw ur Copenhaguen to Melbourne video and I wonder How did you go from Timor Leste to Darwin? Did you catch a boat?


  2. Amazing route!
    May I ask how long did it take you to cycle all Iran?
    And from Tabriz to Urumqi?

    We are two young guys (around 30), fit in hiking but not so much in cycling (also never crossed cycling a whole country). Do you think is it crazy that we try to cross Iran cycling if we have no previous experience?

    I know you go cycling, how feasible you think is crossing Iran walking? Did you have to go a lot in main roads or could you cycle along secondary roads?


    1. Sorry, I just realized that you can find answer to the first two question in the blog.

      The main question than is: would you recommend for not experienced cycling people to first cycle in Europe before attempting to cycle across Iran?


      1. Hi mate.
        I don’t think it is crazy at all to start cycling in Iran. There are some very remote areas that could be challenging if you are not used to riding the empty stretches but there are also places where there is a lot more going on (eg. North coast).
        Of course, if you were there in summer you would have an awful lot of heat to deal with on top of everything else!
        Hiking would be great in places, horrible in others. Probably not a particularly scenic place to go walking but you would have the opportunity to experience the wonderful Iranian hospitality.
        Just bear in mind that you would have some very long sections in the desert if you are travelling by foot…


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