Here are all my previous posts, in chronological order:

North America:

USA Part 4: Company in Colorado (Moab UT to Eads Co 10/07/17-26/07/17)

USA Part 3: Utah, You Rock! (St. George UT to Moab UT 27/06/17-09/07/17)

USA Part 2: Nevada’s Alien Obsession (Benton CA to St George UT 21/06/17-27/06/17)

USA Part 1: High on Life in California (San Francisco CA to Benton CA 09/09/17-20/06/17)


New Zealand Part 2: Glacier Country (Wanaka to Wellington 26/06/17-08/06/17)

New Zealand Part 1: Beginning Again (Invercargil to Wanaka 11/05/17-25/05/17)

Australia Part 7: The Working Holiday (01/01/17-10/05/17)

Two Years On The Bicycle: Another Retrospective (16/01/16-16/01/17)

Australia Part 6: The Great Ocean Road (Adelaide to Melbourne 20/12/16-31/12/16)

Australia Part 5: End of The Outback and into The Flinders (Marree to Adelaide 09/012/16-19/12/16)

Australia Part 4: The Oodnadatta Track (Marla to Marree 01/12/16-09/12/16)

Australia Part 3: Uluru and The Aboriginal Heart (Kings Canyon to Marla 20/11/16-30/11/16)

Australia Part 2: Summer in The Red Centre (Tenant Creek to Kings Canyon 08/11/16-19/11/16)

Australia Part 1: End of The Dream and Start of a New One (Darwin to Tenant Creek 19/10/16-07/11/16)

South East Asia:

Timor-Leste Part 2: East of East East (Viqueque to Dili 08/10/17-19/10/17)

Timor-Leste Part 1: The Asian Lap of Honour (Indonesia to Viqueque 27/09/16-07/10/16)

Indonesia Part 7: Last Stop of The Archipelago (West Timor 21/09/16-27/09/16)

Indonesia Part 6: Mister = Money (Flores Island 09/09/16-21/09/16)

Indonesia Part 5: Attack of the Monkeys (Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa Islands 30/08/16-09/09/16)

Indonesia Part 4: Climbing Volcanoes in East Java (Yogyakarta to Banywuangi 24/08/16-30/08/16)

Indonesia Part 3: Mountaintop Traffic Jams (Merak to Yogyakarta 15/08/16-23/08/16)

Indonesia Part 2: Falling Victim to Sumatra’s Deadly Roads (South Sumatra 08/08//16-14/08/16)

Indonesia Part 1: Sailing into the Southern Hemisphere (Pulau Batam & South Sumatra 30/07/15-08/08/15)

Singapore: A City Boy Back in his Element (27/08/16-30/08/16)

Malaysia Part 2: It’s a Small World when you’re on Two Wheels (Klang to Singapore 20/07/16-26/07/16)

Malaysia Part 1: 25,000km and Still Going Strong (Thailand to Klang 07/07/16-19/07/16)

Thailand Part 4: Eid al-Fitr in the Deep South (Krabi to Malaysia 26/06/16-07/07/16)

Thailand Part 3: Beach Bumming with Mum (Myanmar to Krabi 11/06/16-25/06/16)

Myanmar Part 2: Please, not the Police! (Dawei to Thailand 31/05/16-11/06/16)

Myanmar Part 1: Meditation with the Farting Monk (Thailand to Dawei 19/05/16-30/05/16)

Thailand Part 2: The Gypsy Curse (Chiang Mai to Myanmar 17/04/16-18/05/16)

Thailand Part 1: Drowning in Songkran Festival (Laos to Chiang Mai 01/04/16-16/04/16)

Laos: The Dirtiest of Dirt Roads (19/03/16-30/03/16)

Vietnam: Familiar Faces in the Black Hmong Tribe (09/03/16-19/03/16)


China Part 8: The Escape (Lincang to Vietnam 26/02/16-09/03/16)

China Part 7: Cock-fighting in Dulong Valley (Judianzhen to Lincang 13/02/16-25/02/16)

China Part 6: Descending from the Roof of the World (Litang to Judianzhen 27/01/16-12/02/16)

China Part 5: Camping amongst Wolves on the Tibetan Highway (Chengdu to Litang 13/01/16-27/01/16)

One Year on the Bicycle: A Retrospect (16/01/15-16/01/16)

China Part 4: Most Wanted in Chengdu (Langmusi to Chengdu 19/12/15-02/01/16)

China Part 3: Tasting Tibet (Jiayuguan to Langmusi 04/12/15-18/12/15)

China Part 2: Escaping the Gobi Desert at The Great Wall (Turpan to Jiayuguan 18/11/15-04/12/15)

China Part 1: Welcome to The Middle Kingdom (Kazakh border to Turpan 06/11/15-17/11/15)

Central Asia:

Kazakhstan: Searching for Borat (26/10/15-05/11/15)

Kyrgyzstan: Meeting the willy snatcher and wearing strange hats (02/10/15-26/10/15)

Tajikistan Part 2: The Pamir Highway (22/09/15-01/07/15 Khorog to Kyrgyzstan)

Tajikistan Part 1: Cycling the Afghan border (08/09/15-21/09/15 Uzbekistan to Khorog)

Uzbekistan Part 2: Bukhara to the Tajikistan Border (03/09/15-08/09/15)

Uzbekistan Part 1: The Silk Road by Train (18/08/15-01/09/15)

Turkmenistan: The Desert Dash (14/08/15-18/08/15)

Turkey, Caucuses & Middle East: 

Iran part 3: Shahrud to the Turkmenistan border (05/08/15-14/08/15)

Iran part 2: Tehran to Sharhud (28/07/15-04/07/15)

Iran part 1: From the Armenian border to Tehran (16/07/15-26/07/15)

Armenia part 2: Yerevan to the Iranian border (09/07/15-15/07/15)

Armenia part 1: From the Georgian border to Yerevan (03/07/15-08/07/15)

Georgia: Dodging cows, cars and thunder storms (21/06/15-02/07/15)

Turkey part 4: Samsun to the Georgian border (10/06/15-21/06/15)

Turkey part 3: Ankara to Samsun (02/06/15-09/06/15)

Turkey part 2: Istanbul to Ankara (22/05/15-01/06/15)

Turkey Part 1: From the Greek border to Istanbul (08/05/15-22/05/15)


Bulgaria & Greece: Mountain climbing (27/04/15-08/05/15)

Bulgaria & Macedonia: 3 months and 15 countries (16/04/15-27/04/15)

Romania & Serbia: Following the Danube (07/04/15-15/05/15)

Vienna to Szeged: Austria to Hungary via four other countries (24/03/15-06/04/15)

Prague to Vienna: Spring has arrived (16/03/15-23/03/15)

Berlin to Prague: Bike problems (09/03/15-15/03/15)

Copenhagen to Berlin: Into the forests (10/02/15-08/03/15)

Germany to Denmark: Embracing the cold (30/01/15-09/02/15)

London to Holland: A crash course in cycle touring (16/01/15-30/01/15)








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