Here are all my previous posts, in chronological order:


Old Chalk Way: Following The Greater Ridgeway Coast-to-Coast (29/09/22-04/10/22)

Round Denmark Bike Race: Part 2 (13/07/22-15/07/22)

Round Denmark Bike Race: Part 1 (10/07/22-13/07/22)

Britain & Ireland Part 3: Along Lon Las Cymru (Dublin to Hungerford 06/05/22-11/05/22)

Britain and Ireland Part 2: The Thomastown Curse (Cork to Dublin 26/04/22-06/05/22)

British and Ireland Part 1: All Roads Lead to Fishguard (Bournemouth to Cork 21/04/22-26/04/22)

Morocco Part 3: The Anti-Atlas (Zagora to Agadir 21/03/22-31/03/22)

Morocco Part 2: From The High Atlas into Desert (Ifrane to Zagora) 13/03/22-20/03/22)

Morocco Part 1: The Rif Mountains (Tangier to Ifrane 05/03/22-12/03/22)

Spain: Marathon to Mountains (Seville to Malaga 26/02/22-04/03/23)


Deeside Trail: Another ‘Hit & Run’ to Scotland (01/10/21-03/10/21)

Italy & France: The Torino-Nice Rally (05/09/21-12/09/21)

Greece: A Pindus Rollercoaster (21/08/21-28/08/21)

The Dales Divide: My First Off-Road Race (01/05/21-04/05-21)

King Alfred’s Way: British touring in COVID times (02/04/21-05/04/21 & 31/05/21-01/06/21)


The Cairngorms Loop: Pandemic respite in the Scottish Highlands (29/08/20-04/09/20)

The Smoke Ring: A Bikepacking Circle around London (03/07/20-05/07/20)

South England Mega-Grav: London to The Coast and Back (05/06/20-07/06/20)


The Transcontinental Race: Part 2 (02/09/19-09/09/19)

The Transcontinental Race: Part 1 (27/08/19-02/09/19)

The Transcontinental: A Beginners’ Guide to Ultra-Distance Racing (25/08/2019)

Oman: The Jebel Shams Circle (22/02/19-27-02/19)


Lake District: An Off-Road Lakeland Loop (16/11/18-19/11/18)

Highland Trail 550: Part 2 (23/08/18-29/08/18)

Highland Trail 550: Part 1 (18/08/18-23/08/18)

Around The World By Bicycle: Afterthoughts (16/01/15-17/12/17)

Europe 2017:

England: The Finish Line (Carlisle to London 04/12/17-17/12/17)

Scotland Part 2: Stranded on Skye (Kinlochewe to Carlisle 24/11/17-04/12/17)

Scotland Part 1: The Snowy Highlands (Wick to Kinclochewe 13/11/17-23/11/17)

Faroe Islands: The Kambskarð Story (09/11/17-13/11/17)

Iceland Part 2: Winter in the Arctic Clutches (Stardarskali to Seydisfjordur 28/10/17-08/11/17)

Iceland Part 1: Blinded by The Northern Lights (Reykjavik to Stadarskali 13/10/17-28/10/17)

North America:

Canada: Autumn Scenes in Nova Scotia (Yarmouth to Halifax 06/10/17-12/10/17)

USA Part 8: Build The Wall! (Washington DC to Portland, ME 17/09/17-06/10/17)

USA Part 7: The Hillbilly’s Hills (St Louis MO to Washington DC 30/08/17-16/09/17)

USA Part 6: You say Vacation, I say Holiday (Chicago, New England & New York 12/08/17-28/08/17)

USA Part 5: The Great Big Boring Plains (Ordway CO to St Louis 27/07/17-11/08/17)

USA Part 4: Company in Colorado (Moab UT to Eads Co 10/07/17-26/07/17)

USA Part 3: Utah, You Rock! (St. George UT to Moab UT 27/06/17-09/07/17)

USA Part 2: Nevada’s Alien Obsession (Benton CA to St George UT 21/06/17-27/06/17)

USA Part 1: High on Life in California (San Francisco CA to Benton CA 09/09/17-20/06/17)


New Zealand Part 2: Glacier Country (Wanaka to Wellington 26/06/17-08/06/17)

New Zealand Part 1: Beginning Again (Invercargil to Wanaka 11/05/17-25/05/17)

Australia Part 7: The Working Holiday (01/01/17-10/05/17)

Two Years On The Bicycle: Another Retrospective (16/01/16-16/01/17)

Australia Part 6: The Great Ocean Road (Adelaide to Melbourne 20/12/16-31/12/16)

Australia Part 5: End of The Outback and into The Flinders (Marree to Adelaide 09/012/16-19/12/16)

Australia Part 4: The Oodnadatta Track (Marla to Marree 01/12/16-09/12/16)

Australia Part 3: Uluru and The Aboriginal Heart (Kings Canyon to Marla 20/11/16-30/11/16)

Australia Part 2: Summer in The Red Centre (Tenant Creek to Kings Canyon 08/11/16-19/11/16)

Australia Part 1: End of The Dream and Start of a New One (Darwin to Tenant Creek 19/10/16-07/11/16)

South East Asia:

Timor-Leste Part 2: East of East East (Viqueque to Dili 08/10/17-19/10/17)

Timor-Leste Part 1: The Asian Lap of Honour (Indonesia to Viqueque 27/09/16-07/10/16)

Indonesia Part 7: Last Stop of The Archipelago (West Timor 21/09/16-27/09/16)

Indonesia Part 6: Mister = Money (Flores Island 09/09/16-21/09/16)

Indonesia Part 5: Attack of the Monkeys (Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa Islands 30/08/16-09/09/16)

Indonesia Part 4: Climbing Volcanoes in East Java (Yogyakarta to Banywuangi 24/08/16-30/08/16)

Indonesia Part 3: Mountaintop Traffic Jams (Merak to Yogyakarta 15/08/16-23/08/16)

Indonesia Part 2: Falling Victim to Sumatra’s Deadly Roads (South Sumatra 08/08//16-14/08/16)

Indonesia Part 1: Sailing into the Southern Hemisphere (Pulau Batam & South Sumatra 30/07/15-08/08/15)

Singapore: A City Boy Back in his Element (27/08/16-30/08/16)

Malaysia Part 2: It’s a Small World when you’re on Two Wheels (Klang to Singapore 20/07/16-26/07/16)

Malaysia Part 1: 25,000km and Still Going Strong (Thailand to Klang 07/07/16-19/07/16)

Thailand Part 4: Eid al-Fitr in the Deep South (Krabi to Malaysia 26/06/16-07/07/16)

Thailand Part 3: Beach Bumming with Mum (Myanmar to Krabi 11/06/16-25/06/16)

Myanmar Part 2: Please, not the Police! (Dawei to Thailand 31/05/16-11/06/16)

Myanmar Part 1: Meditation with the Farting Monk (Thailand to Dawei 19/05/16-30/05/16)

Thailand Part 2: The Gypsy Curse (Chiang Mai to Myanmar 17/04/16-18/05/16)

Thailand Part 1: Drowning in Songkran Festival (Laos to Chiang Mai 01/04/16-16/04/16)

Laos: The Dirtiest of Dirt Roads (19/03/16-30/03/16)

Vietnam: Familiar Faces in the Black Hmong Tribe (09/03/16-19/03/16)


China Part 8: The Escape (Lincang to Vietnam 26/02/16-09/03/16)

China Part 7: Cock-fighting in Dulong Valley (Judianzhen to Lincang 13/02/16-25/02/16)

China Part 6: Descending from the Roof of the World (Litang to Judianzhen 27/01/16-12/02/16)

China Part 5: Camping amongst Wolves on the Tibetan Highway (Chengdu to Litang 13/01/16-27/01/16)

One Year on the Bicycle: A Retrospect (16/01/15-16/01/16)

China Part 4: Most Wanted in Chengdu (Langmusi to Chengdu 19/12/15-02/01/16)

China Part 3: Tasting Tibet (Jiayuguan to Langmusi 04/12/15-18/12/15)

China Part 2: Escaping the Gobi Desert at The Great Wall (Turpan to Jiayuguan 18/11/15-04/12/15)

China Part 1: Welcome to The Middle Kingdom (Kazakh border to Turpan 06/11/15-17/11/15)

Central Asia:

Kazakhstan: Searching for Borat (26/10/15-05/11/15)

Kyrgyzstan: Meeting the willy snatcher and wearing strange hats (02/10/15-26/10/15)

Tajikistan Part 2: The Pamir Highway (22/09/15-01/07/15 Khorog to Kyrgyzstan)

Tajikistan Part 1: Cycling the Afghan border (08/09/15-21/09/15 Uzbekistan to Khorog)

Uzbekistan Part 2: Bukhara to the Tajikistan Border (03/09/15-08/09/15)

Uzbekistan Part 1: The Silk Road by Train (18/08/15-01/09/15)

Turkmenistan: The Desert Dash (14/08/15-18/08/15)

Turkey, Caucuses & Middle East: 

Iran part 3: Shahrud to the Turkmenistan border (05/08/15-14/08/15)

Iran part 2: Tehran to Sharhud (28/07/15-04/07/15)

Iran part 1: From the Armenian border to Tehran (16/07/15-26/07/15)

Armenia part 2: Yerevan to the Iranian border (09/07/15-15/07/15)

Armenia part 1: From the Georgian border to Yerevan (03/07/15-08/07/15)

Georgia: Dodging cows, cars and thunder storms (21/06/15-02/07/15)

Turkey part 4: Samsun to the Georgian border (10/06/15-21/06/15)

Turkey part 3: Ankara to Samsun (02/06/15-09/06/15)

Turkey part 2: Istanbul to Ankara (22/05/15-01/06/15)

Turkey Part 1: From the Greek border to Istanbul (08/05/15-22/05/15)

Europe 2015:

Bulgaria & Greece: Mountain climbing (27/04/15-08/05/15)

Bulgaria & Macedonia: 3 months and 15 countries (16/04/15-27/04/15)

Romania & Serbia: Following the Danube (07/04/15-15/05/15)

Vienna to Szeged: Austria to Hungary via four other countries (24/03/15-06/04/15)

Prague to Vienna: Spring has arrived (16/03/15-23/03/15)

Berlin to Prague: Bike problems (09/03/15-15/03/15)

Copenhagen to Berlin: Into the forests (10/02/15-08/03/15)

Germany to Denmark: Embracing the cold (30/01/15-09/02/15)

London to Holland: A crash course in cycle touring (16/01/15-30/01/15)

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  1. Johnathan – just wanted to wish you all the best on your quest…. We had the privilege of crossing your path at the Big Meadow’s Visitor’s Center on Skyline Drive the other day. You’re a wonderful young man and we wish you safe travels and much success in your life.

    Greg & Deb Joseph – Flemington, NJ


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