Added a slightly narcissistic page here…

I’ve spoken to a bunch of websites/newspapers/blogs over the last year about my trip and I thought I’d collect the articles here. I struggle to remember them all so thought it’d be a good time to start a little list:

Pannier Guest Blog (29/05/18 English)

Outdoors Radar (12/05/18 English)

Extreme Sports (08/05/18 USA)

Discover Interesting (04/05/18 English)

Cyklistforbundet (26/01/18 Danish)

Newark Advertiser (December ’17 English)

Kringvarp Føroya TV (clip 10min 20secs in – 09/11/17 Faroese)

Intrepid Travel Guest Blog  (29/10/17 Australia)

We Are The Living (13/09/17 Indian blog & English text)

The Emporia Gazette (04/08/17 USA)

Adventure Cycling Association Guest Blog (06/07/17 USA)

Time & Leisure (24/03/17 English)

The is Our Town (07/11/16 English)

The Tab Trent (20/04/16 English)

ViaVelo magazine (01/04/16 Dutch publication & English text)

Wimbledon Guardian (10/01/16 English)

Chinese website (31/12/16 Chinese)

Chengdu newspaper (04/01/16 Chinese)

The Locals Do (November ’15 Polish)

Riccardo Giorato’s (24/11/15 Spanish blog & English text)

Biskiklet Asiklari (15/07/15 Turkish)

Indie Voyager (18/05/15 Serbian blog & English text)

If you’d like to contact me about my ride, please get in touch.